A Tribute to Eugene Swain

The Morgan County African American Museum wishes to express our sincere condolences to Mr. Eugene Swain’s Family. We can only imagine the void his absence will bring. However, during this journey we pray you will lean not on your own understanding but on the Lord for he will guide your paths.

The MCAAM will be forever indebted to Mr. Eugene Swain for his commitment, dedication, and relentless participation to ensure that we remain true to our mission… to educate, collect, celebrate and preserve the history and art of the African American Culture of Morgan County and the Southern United States.

Though the artist, Mr. Eugene Swain will no longer be in our physical presence he will be with us in spirit for he has been woven into the fabric of this museum and communities near and far. His zeal for the arts is what drove him to teach himself how to paint, draw and build the masterpieces he shared with people from all over the world through his exhibits.

He was committed to MCCAM and not only served as the artist in residence, but would ensure the facilities were in top condition by repairing anything he saw in need of “fixing”. He was a man of few words thus making every word he shared meaningful.

Eugene was loved and appreciated. He will forever hold a special space at the MCCAM. May the fruits of his labor be with us forever for a job well done.