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$350 For A table of 6 Guests

Celebrating Black History Month: 5 PERSPECTIVES

Sunday, January 14, 2018, 3:00 – 5:00pm At the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art and the Morgan County African American Museum

A shuttle service will run between the Museums

Exhibition dates: January 14 – March 17

Works by five of Georgia’s most vibrant and contemporary artists will be proudly exhibited at both museums: Kevin Cole, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier and Kevin Sipp have long provided cultural nourishment for the Atlanta art world and beyond, while Shanequa Gay and Alfred Conteh are celebrated newcomers. Each artist’s work offer a unique perspective, from the spiritual to the political, mythical and esoteric.

On Front: Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier: One Good Eye on the Clock | Kevin Sipp: “If you Dream of Seeing A Black Man It Means Death” Quote from French dream book | Alfred Conteh: Zion | Shanqua Gay: Inslumnational Deilies | Kevin Cole: Hip Hop Alter Peace

Sorry Sold Out For The Morehouse Glee Club

Welcome to the official website of the Morgan County African-American Museum (MCAAM). The MCAAM is housed in the old Horace Moore House, circa 1895. The house was donated to the museum by Rev. Alfred Murray and moved to its current location at 156 Academy Street in Historic Madison, Georgia.

The museum was founded in November 1993 as a non-profit organization. Our mission is to research, collect, educate, and preserve the history and the art of the African-American culture.

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